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Contestants who win this pageant will receive their national delegate entry fee, this is a $495 value!* This includes their national delegate crown and banner. Girls are also able to represent their state at Nationals! 


Each contestant will be judged in three categories. Please dress competition ready! This would be an age-appropriate outfit that is suitable for a dressy function or job interview. 


Interview 50% Interviews will be 3-5 minutes long depending on your age group. Each girl will be asked questions from a panel of judges about herself, not political or quiz-type questions. The questions will be aimed at getting to know the girls better and learning how outstanding they truly are! 


Introduction 30%Prepare a short speech, no longer than 30 seconds, to introduce yourself to the judges. These will be done privately without other contestants present. This should include things like your name, hobbies, and interests. It can also include your ambitions or things you want the judges to know about you! Please wear the same outfit for both introductions and interviews. 


Photogenic 20% Please submit your national headshot photo previous to the start of the pageant including your name and date of birth. Photos will be judged online by the same panel of judges. 


Example Tentative Schedule:

9:00-9:30 Welcome Orientation and Question/Answers

9:45-11:00 Log in during your scheduled time to do your introduction and interview 

11:30-12:00 Awards and Crowning 



What if I win and do not go to nationals?

You will have your award placed on hold as a credit for when you are able to come back and join us! 


What if I already paid for nationals?

You can have your money placed as a credit or refunded in some specific scenarios, talk to the national office if this applies to you! 


Do the scores affect the national pageant?

Absolutely not, this will in no way affect the outcome of the national pageant. 


How will I get my prize?

Your National Delegate Crown and Banner will be mailed to you after the event. 


Will I get my scores?

Yes! All girls will receive scores and feedback from the judges. This is probably the most valuable part of the experience! 

When will I know my time?

A form will be sent the night before to secure your time slot! 

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