Princess 4-6     Young Miss 7-9      Jr Miss 10-12       Jr Teen 13-15      Teen 16-19      Miss 20-24    Ms 25-30  
* Ages are as of January 1st

40% Interview

Each contestant will be interviewed one-on-one with each judge. These will be questions about you, not political, religious or quiz type questions. Judging will be based on eye contact, poise, personality, and self- confidence. We are looking for the girl with the best overall impression, someone who is happy, smiling and genuine. Don’t memorize or “program” your answers! We want an all-natural girl! During this time they will get to know you and see how outstanding you really are!

20% Introduction

Each contestant will introduce herself to the panel of judges! Each contestant will be judged on personality, confidence, and poise. Your introduction will be no more than 30-seconds but shorter is fine! You can include your name, your hobbies and what you want to peruse someday! You will be timed so make sure you’re not too long! You will be wearing your interview outfit for this part of the pageant.

30% Evening Wear

Ready for your moment alone in the spotlight? You will sparkle and shine during the preliminary evening gown competition! Modeling your dream gown in the spotlight of a national quality stage! You will be judged on your poise and presentation in that beautiful evening gown! Make sure it is age-appropriate! No professional modeling is required! You will learn the needed steps and stage layout before your competition! You will be judged on your poise and personality so remember to smile!

10% Meet Me! Modeling

To get the final pageant kicked off we will start with a runway fashion show! This high-energy show will introduce you to the audience and judges during the final pageant! You will model this and all judging will take place Sunday in the final pageant. You will get to show who you are as you model an age-appropriate outfit of your choice for the opening production number.



Who can compete at Nationals?

 OAM Nationals will be open to all competitors and each girl chosen to compete will receive an Official OAM crown and banner to represent their states, counties, and cities at Nationals! Currently, OAM does not have any preliminary pageants, all national delegates compete at nationals!


Does this pageant judge on things like facial or physical beauty?

No!  OAM doesn’t judge how you look if you have glasses, braces or blemishes! It’s all a part of growing up!  Girls under 13 are not allowed to wear any makeup and will be deducted if they do!  Girls who are permitted to wear makeup should go for a natural look! We are looking for outstanding young ladies who shine just the way they are!


Do I need professional training or expensive clothes to win?

No!  You can wear whatever you love best as long as it follows the guidelines for that area of competition. The most important part of whatever you wear is how it fits so make sure everything has a great professional fit!


How do I get started?

Click the tab to fill out our application. Then if you are accepted to compete you will be required to do a phone interview to receive your Official OAM Representative crown and banner. Once you are accepted and have made your first down payment, you will receive your crown, banner and information packet!


How much does it cost?

All pageants have to charge an entry fee. It covers the operating costs of the event. Most pageants cost anywhere from $350-$1500. OAM wants girls to enter who normally wouldn’t have the chance and keep costs low so that more girls can compete! OAM only cost $395 with options to lower it through promotions! 




What is  OAM?

Are you OAM?

Are you confident, involved, motivated and a leader? Have you always wanted to shine on stage and celebrate all that’s great about being a girl? If so, we want you to join us for the National Outstanding American Miss Pageant! Girls from all over America are invited to compete at this new and exciting pageant experience!