Princess 4-6     Young Miss 7-9      Jr Miss 10-12       Jr Teen 13-15      Teen 16-19      Miss 20-24    Ms 25-30  
* Ages are as of January 1st

40% Interview

Each contestant will be interviewed one-on-one with each judge. These will be questions about you, not political, religious or quiz type questions. Judging will be based on eye contact, poise, personality, and self- confidence. We are looking for the girl with the best overall impression, someone who is happy, smiling and genuine. Don’t memorize or “program” your answers! We want an all-natural girl! During this time they will get to know you and see how outstanding you really are!

20% Introduction

Each contestant will introduce herself to the panel of judges! Each contestant will be judged on personality, confidence, and poise. Your introduction will be no more than 30-seconds but shorter is fine! You can include your name, your hobbies and what you want to peruse someday! You will be timed so make sure you’re not too long! You will be wearing your interview outfit for this part of the pageant.

30% Evening Wear

Ready for your moment alone in the spotlight? You will sparkle and shine during the preliminary evening gown competition! Modeling your dream gown in the spotlight of a national quality stage! You will be judged on your poise and presentation in that beautiful evening gown! Make sure it is age-appropriate! No professional modeling is required! You will learn the needed steps and stage layout before your competition! You will be judged on your poise and personality so remember to smile!

10% Meet Me! Modeling

To get the final pageant kicked off we will start with a runway fashion show! This high-energy show will introduce you to the audience and judges during the final pageant! You will model this and all judging will take place Sunday in the final pageant. You will get to show who you are as you model an age-appropriate outfit of your choice for the opening production number.

Optional Contests

A great way to WIN BIG pageant weekend. The outcome of these separate events has no impact on the final pageant results. 


In a fun off the rack style outfit, you will rock the runway and show us your modeling abilities. This will be upbeat freestyle modeling. We are not looking for dance routines or demure modeling. OAM will furnish great music and judging will be based on the contestant who moved naturally, confidently and shows us her poise and personality! This girl will capture the audience by her presence and fashion! You will have about 20-30 seconds on stage. We aren’t judging on the outfit but how you rock it! The pageant will provide a short emcee weekend!

Overall Top Model

This award goes to the girl who placed the highest in Runway and Print Modeling! 


Photogenic will be chosen from a contestant photograph 4X6 or larger. They can be black & white or color, standing or sitting, professional or not. These photos will be judges pageant weekend and returned to you before you leave! Head or full body shots! We are not looking for photos that have been heavily retouched but for overall natural beauty and modeling ability!

Print Model

Dreaming to be on the cover of a magazine? Ready to jump-start your modeling career? The National Print-Model Contest is a photo-shoot with an experienced headshot and fashion photographer. Winners will receive the national title and winning photos, up to a $500 Value! Can only be entered once, the winner will receive her winning photos and additional photos can be purchased through the national photographer.


Ever dreamed of being an actress spokesperson? Ready to show off your speaking abilities? Speeches need to be memorized and age-appropriate. Make sure you are expressive, go slow and enjoy your time on the stage! Speech topics can be My Role Model, How I Can Change the world or What Makes Me Outstanding. You can wear your interview outfit or an outfit of your choice. Make sure you are confident and practice makes perfect!


Show off your talents! This can be dance, vocal or instrumental or whatever you think is your special talent! Talents should be no longer than 2 minutes. Make sure to bring 2 copies of whatever audio you need and turn it in pageant check in, make sure they are clearly labeled.  This is your time to shine so make sure to show us all you’ve got!