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OAM, I have to be honest, when I signed up my daughters my friends and family thought I was crazy. Well after this wekend I would be proud to join if I may be so bold as to say that the mothers that have daughters who are raising and training Princesses is a tough job. And yes one that with out the help of couches and the fine staff at OAM us Mothers would not be able to see our small dauhters live their dream of becoming a Princess. For Addissyn her crown signifys royalty, honor, beauty, for that is what Disney has taught her. As I watched Addisyn start down her journey of learning what it takes to become a princess I was so pleased with how much strenght abd fortitude she displayed over a weekend.We watch as our baby girl to scared to move stands motionless on stage the first night, but with attempt she gains more confidence.She participated is an dance stage production with a group of girls. Addisyn is a good natured, shy little girl who was able to find some personal srength in who she is, Thank you!


This is easily the best pageant we have ever been to. My girls wait all year to come back and we owe you for so many smiles and great family moments!- Kim


I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Amanda  for allowing me to be a part of OAM! Her hard work and passion for making a positive impact on girls of all ages through pageantry is nothing short of inspiring. Not only have you brought together a pageant with girls that strive to be good role models, but she herself is the epitome of a great role model.All of the contestants did a wonderful job and should be proud of how they did – whether they left with a crown or not!- Angela


Thanks from our 2013 National pageant! Hi Amanda! You did an amazingly awesome job with this pageant. I said "Wow!"so many times during this weekend and well before the results were revealed, I felt this was the best pageant I have ever been involved in. Your hard work and strong efforts to make sure everyone was having a positive pageant experience was greatly appreciated. I can hardly believe this was your first pageant--it was so professional! It felt like such a warm family type of event. I really liked the Olympia Resort to. It felt so comfortable and peaceful to me.One more thing: My girls had the best time of their lives and are still beaming with pride!- Karen


We had so much fun thank you for all your help and for making this such a wonderful experience hope to do it again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Lisa


IHey Amanda I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to come and compete for your pageant. It was certainly different than any I have done before and I could see the difference, in a good way. I would definitely be excited to come back next year and I may have recruited someone to bring along. Thank you again!'m sure if I have the chance to come back next year I'll come out of my shell a bit. It was just very new and I was unsure about what to expect. But I had nothing to worry about it was a great experience and you have done an amazing job at building this pageant! I'm just getting home as we speak. Thank you again.- Nicole, Miss New York






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